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Donations not being shown in summary
« on: September 23, 2011, 06:01:53 PM »
The main reason for that happening is usually that the paypal address has been changed at some point.

You need to maintain the same email, which is why I used to have this in the Read Me.
Treasury was initially designed for multi-purpose use, collating information on the basis of PayPal transactions for different email addresses.
• this means that the "business" field for a transaction is expected to match the "receiver email" address you specified in your PayPal Config tab.
• if the two don't match up, the donation will be ignored in summaries, so you need to edit the "business" field in your database 'treas_donations' table.

If not then change the old ones to the new one in your database, either manually one by one or by applying an sql query to your database (backup table first).
Code: [Select]
UPDATE smf_treas_donations SET business='new@whatever.com' WHERE business='old@whatever.com'

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