Author Topic: What is the correct uninstall process?  (Read 5038 times)

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What is the correct uninstall process?
« on: February 25, 2008, 11:39:08 AM »
Whenever you install a series of Mods W, X, Y, Z to your site, and wish to upgrade Mod X,
  • first uninstall Mod Z
  • then uninstall Mod Y
  • then uninstall Mod X

Failure to do so can mean that Mod X may not uninstall correctly, and it may also screw the whole uninstall process for your other Mods.

This might seem a real pain but the mod system works on the basis of using core SMF code reference points - incorrect uninstall can destroy those reference points.

Some mods won't need that, but reverse order uninstall should ensure success.

e.g. you cannot remove a wheel from your car before undoing the wheel nuts first - that's how it works.
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