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1.20 released October 12, 2013.
please report all bugs/requests through the Resourcez Bugger system.
1.20 changes: October 12, 2013
fix for incorrect function in prizes draw
fix for deprecated ereg_replace() for PHP5

1.19 changes: July 21, 2013
final adjustments for PayPal IPN changes - works with cURL and fsockopen.

1.18 changes: October 29, 2012
updated PayPal IPN to ensure their proposed changes for 1st February 2013 do not have any impact now.
unrelated to that, fsockopen() now uses SSL, mainly because I was having issues with their sandbox.

1.17 changes: June 6, 2012
allow for suspension of donations.

1.13 changes: April 22, 2011
fix for the word Monthly appearing instead of Campaign for event blocks.
fix for the phrase Campaign Donations was wrapping despite appearing to have sufficient space.

1.12 changes: February 23, 2011
reversed change in v1.11.

1.11 changes: November 13, 2010
remove dependence on paypal receiver email for totals.

1.10 changes: November 4, 2010
provision for SMF2 RC4.

1.09 changes: September 15, 2010
provision for supporters flash block files.
allow for offsetting month end date in block and SSI block.
provision for PayPal email specifically for the sandbox.

1.08 changes: April 21, 2010
provision for shifting month end date X days after normal calendar end.
provision for a custom variable where donors can enter an ID value.
adjustment to SMF2 installer for change in Profile.php for RC3 release.
bug fix for due month displayed on events.
bug fix for SMF2 - donation edit not functioning correctly.
bug fix for SMF1 - PayPal return link to profile.

1.07 changes: February 25, 2010
bug fix for month displayed - issue occurs when people use negative time offsets.
bug fix for deleting items - removed conflict with id variable.
bug fix for SMF2 - primary groups not removed after expiry.
bug fix for SMF2 - SSI block had undefined variable when using scaling.

1.06 changes: December 2, 2009
bug fix for locale setting.
some extra language settings defined.
aesthetic adjustments for SMF2 RC2 theme changes.
note: SMF have finally added the installer fix to RC2.
fix for some servers when deleting items.

1.04 changes: June 25, 2009
bugfix for table prefix in donationsUpdate() function for SMF 1.1.x.

1.03 changes: June 11, 2009
Registry info can be viewed by setting individual member group permissions.
added option in Main Config to limit the "Other" amount for donations.
added option in Main Config to limit user donations in a period.
Scaling Donations - option to use a specified annual goal, with periodic targets being progressively re-calculated after deducting progressive donations from that annual goal - can still show progress Monthly, Quarterly, etc.

1.02 changes: April 9, 2009
clarified the note in admin donations tab for recurring status.
donation edit/add allows for recurring flag.
donation edit/add checks and adjusts group membership (if duration limited).
bugfix and aesthetics for Prizes in blocks.
Wall avatars are now framed and text color changed.
bugfix for the Wall to account for donors that are no longer members.
added option to display donor totals on the Wall.
provision for profile changes in SMF2 RC1, but still supports SMF2 Beta 4.
rationalize templates - same templates for SMF1 and 2.
bugfix for donor group subscription system.
bugfix for sql query when donations manually added.
bugfix for missing decimals in profile display.
moved admin config help icons to the left side.
dropdowns provided for admin donations add/edit - show, status and currency fields.
provision to edit/add the PayPal subscription ID in donations.
bbcode support for various title and description fields.
transition to commercial license now complete.

1.01 changes: January 15, 2009
bugfix for log view in admin menu bar.
IPN return now checks for member or real name when determining user id.
Wall of Fame added - optional with adjustable title and numbers per page.

1.00 changes: January 14, 2009
SMF 1.1.x and 2.x series merged into one package.
ability to operate multiple donation "blocks/SSI" completed.
option to reward supporters with prize draws completed - duration and/or event based.
recurring donations - optional - aligned with the donation duration chosen in admin - users can still specify some "Other" amount.
donation block still available but code now added to SSI.php so that an SSI function can be used anywhere.
donor group will be the primary group if empty, otherwise added to additional groups.
donors in Totals area now linked to their profile summaries.
auto updates when echecks clear is now finally fixed.
treasury admin moved from the "Members" to the "Configuration" section.
goal and the above/below value is now concealed if the goal is zero.
extra uninstall tips added to ReadMe/Un-Install process.
bug fix for pagination in registry.
bug fix for dates in registry manual entry.
icon added for SMF2 admin menu.
removed the ability to seek donor\'s address details.
SMF2 database installer adjusted to allow for irregularities in some host MySQL setups.
Mexican peso added to currencies.
DonationBlock now installed with the package (note: in Sources directory).
DonationBlock added for SMF 2.x portals that support php blocks.
english-utf8 language files added to bypass aberrations for some installations e.g. Fantastico.
modification to ManagePermissions.php changed to avoid SMF2 issues caused by SimplePortal.

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