Treasury Status

2.12 released July 21, 2013 (SMF 2 only)
please report all bugs through the Resourcez Bugger system.
2.12 changes: July21, 2013
final adjustments for PayPal IPN changes - works with cURL and fsockopen.

2.11 changes: December 2, 2012
update release for PayPal IPN changes.

2.10 changes: June 12, 2011
provision for SMF 2.0 release.

2.07 changes: March 19, 2010
provision for IPN instant pending/completed payments.

2.06 changes: March 16, 2010
bug fix for event id not being updated.
added NIS currency - note that PayPal protocol requires it be referred to as ILS.

2.05 changes: March 9, 2010
adjustment to installer for change in Profile.php for RC3 release.
this version now exclusive to SMF2 RC3 - will not accept older SMF2 versions.

2.04 changes: February 22, 2010
fix for month displayed - issue occurs when people use negative time offsets.
fix for deleting items - removed conflict with id variable.

2.02 changes: November 21, 2009
bug fix for query in ipntreas.php.

2.01 changes: November 17, 2009
bug fix for apostrophes where real name is used.
bug fix for "ORDER BY null" error - had "ORDER by" in query.
the admin Totals summary now reflects the total for the screen/real name based on the userid rather than real name which can be varied.

Note: SMF2 separate version - reverting to 2.01
2.36 changes: July 6, 2009
bug fix for locale setting.
some extra language settings defined.

2.35 changes: May 21, 2009
bug fix for omitted $settings global in DonationBlock for SMF 1.1.x.

2.34 changes: January 28, 2009
bug fix for parse error in TreasuryAdmin.

2.33 changes: January 27, 2009
bug fix for omitted $settings global in DonationBlock for SMF 2.x.
bug fix for events admin where quotes are used in title or description.
rationalized templates - same templates for SMF 1 and 2.
provision for profile changes in SMF2 RC1, but still supports SMF2 Beta 4.

2.32 changes: January 2, 2009
DonationBlock now installed with the package (note: in Sources directory).
DonationBlock added for SMF 2.x portals that support php blocks.
english-utf8 language files added to bypass aberrations for some installations e.g. Fantastico.
modification to ManagePermissions.php changed to avoid SMF2 issues caused by SimplePortal.

2.31 changes: October 9, 2008
bug fix for pagination in registry.
bug fix for dates in registry manual entry.
icon added for SMF2 admin menu.
removed the ability to seek donor\'s address details.
SMF2 database installer adjusted to allow for irregularities in some host MySQL setups.

2.30 changes: September 10, 2008
SMF 2.x version upgraded equivalent to SMF 1.1.x version.
SMF 1.1.x and 2.x series merged into one package.

2.12 changes: September 8, 2008
small change to donormeter to cater for quirky themes where < 15%.
auto updates when echecks clear is now finally fixed.
Treasury admin re-located to the SMF admin "Configuration" panel.
the word "Donations" now appears in your main page menu bar.

2.11 changes: May 13, 2008
admin option for the default language of users at PayPal, plus user choice on main page.
bug fix for addition to groups Bugger #16.

2.10 changes: May 5, 2008
package info set for all 1.1.x versions since there is no development path.
bug fixed for display of Quarterly goals - Bugger #12.
cURL now an optional selection in PayPal Config section.
option to add Anonymous donors to groups.
main config panel restructured to optimize space.
bug fixed with currency symbol in admin registry.
bug in TP donation block fixed for display of donation button Bugger #9.

2.09 changes: March 18, 2008
version update info now provided.
cURL implemented - IPN will now work for those whose hosts disable fsockopen() but have cURL supported.
default admin page is now the ReadMe.
updated admin Totals to accomodate event summaries.
updated PayPal Setup info to warn that accepting multi-currencies will require manual editing of donations.
rationalized the main page code which reduced some overhead.
fix to stop pending payment inclusion in admin Totals.
fix to stop Donor Group additions while payment pending.
allowing donors to specify some "other" donation value is now optional.
limiting a donation choice to only one value means you can run an event, competition or raffle with a set entry fee.

2.08 changes: February 27, 2008
event based donations which will provide a donations campaign instead of the current time-based system.
option to provide full transparency of donations/expenses.
option to suppress the main page top button which directs down to the actual submit button area.
subtle changes to admin backgrounds which may assist those with poorly balanced themes (still only uses standard SMF classes).
small bug fix for registry reconcile Bugger #8.
any date range can now be selected in the admin Totals section.
2.07 changes: February 21, 2008
fix for erroneous settle amounts, and the installer will adjust any older data.
fix to allow for use of realName instead of memberName.
resolved multiple loading of language files.
enhancement to the donor totals area - you can now total between any two dates you choose.
cleared echecks should now auto update the database IF PayPal sends IPN data for cleared echecks, so not confirmed.
membergroup subscriptions - not to be confused with PayPal subscriptions. Auto assignment to a special Supporters group of your choice was introduced previously - now you can choose to allow that membership only for your donation duration i.e. monthly, quarterly, etc. after which their group membership will automatically expire.

2.06 changes: February 04, 2008
back-ported from the SMF Beta version 2.22
its awkward config database has been re-built.
several extra display options added.
enhanced pagination and sorting.
donation totals can be viewed over sortable, selectable time periods.
all dates converted to unixtime.
admin can use selectable US or UK time formats.
eliminated the pita javascript.
help pop-ups for all admin options.
eliminated (I hope) all hard-coded language.
option to auto-assign donors to a specified "additional" group.
isolated the config options specifically relating to the TinyPortal block.
eliminated use of URLs for essential file links.
all unique Treasury files now get assigned to existing SMF directories.
added indexes to the config tables.
donation periods can be month, quarter, half or year.
paypal fees can be ignored i.e. show gross donations only.

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