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I have released, and will now maintain, separate versions of Treasury.<br /> <br /> The &quot;1&quot; series (currently 1.25) will be for SMF/TP and the &quot;2&quot; series (currently 2.00) will be for SMF Standalone.<br /> <br /> I have also improved the un-installer so that it now removes all files installed. It still doesn't remove the original database tables, thus retaining your data during upgrades.<br /> <br /> Due to the thorough pita that upgrading SMF is, I have also resorted to maintaining vanilla installs of SMF and TP so that I can more readily test upgrades directly on this site.&nbsp; It's nice to have 30+ mods but geez, what an arduous upgrade process it evokes.

06 Dec 2006 - Treasury v1.22 Released

<p>Treasury is now out of beta, at version 1.22.<br /> <br /> Whilst there is still a to-do list, it is now fully functional and compatible with SMF 1.1RC3 and 1.1 Final, standalone, or with TinyPortal 0.9.5, 0.9.6 and 0.9.7.<br /> <br /> Testing to date, which includes this site with over 30 mods installed, shows that it installs and un-installs flawlessly.<br /> <br /> A number of enhancements have been added, as well as a reasonably comprehensive <a href="index.php?page=8"><strong>Treasury Guide</strong></a>, in admin, which covers most issues that people may encounter in getting it operational.<br /> <br /> </p> <p>For those who already have v1.0 or v1.1 installed, simply un-install, delete the old package, upload the v1.22 package and re-install.<br /> (original database tables will remain untouched)</p>

22 Nov 2006 - Treasury

Treasury is close to beta stage :)

What is Treasury? Well, it is adapted from an old php-nuke program called Nuke Treasury. It provides an interface for PayPal donations. So what, you may say - there are dozens of donation blocks out there.

True I say, but none of them provide a fully interactive service where you can automatically display donations and also manage both the donations and your site expenditure. Oh, and your members can view a summary of their donations in their profile.

Sample screenshots can be seen here

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