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06 May 2008 - Treasury v2.10 Released

<strong><br /> &bull;</strong> package info set for all 1.1.x versions since there is no development path.<br /> <strong>&bull;</strong> bug fixed for display of Quarterly goals - Bugger #12.<br /> <strong>&bull;</strong> cURL now an optional selection in PayPal Config section.<br /> <strong>&bull;</strong> option to add Anonymous donors to groups.<br /> <strong>&bull;</strong> main config panel restructured to optimize space.<br /> <strong>&bull;</strong> bug fixed with currency symbol in admin registry.<br /> <strong>&bull;</strong> bug in TP donation block fixed for display of donation button.
Since SMF have decided to publicly release their beta version, I no longer feel bound to withhold what was previously only available in the Charter member forums.<br /> <br /> However, take heed:<br /> <br /> This only works for SMF 2 beta3 public, and is <span style="font-weight: bold;">NOT</span> suitable for SMF 1.x versions of Treasury.<br /> <br /> If you are trying to upgrade from SMF 1.x and have a Treasury version above v2.06, this is <span style="font-weight: bold;">NOT</span> for you, and your existing Treasury version will <span style="font-weight: bold;">no longer work on SMF 2</span>.<br /> <br /> If you are doing a <span style="font-weight: bold;">FRESH</span> install of Treasury on your SMF 2 beta3 public, this <span style="font-weight: bold;">IS</span> for you.<br /> <br /> <a href=";dl=item13" style="font-weight: bold;">Treasury v2.22 for SMF 2 beta3 public</a>

12 Mar 2008 - Treasury v2.09 Released

This release includes live version info in Treasury admin - release details covered below. <ul> <li> version update info now provided.</li> <li> cURL implemented - IPN will now work for those whose hosts disable fsockopen() but have cURL supported.</li> <li> default admin page is now the ReadMe.</li> <li> updated admin Totals to accomodate event summaries.</li> <li> updated PayPal Setup info to warn that accepting multi-currencies will require manual editing of donations.</li> <li> rationalized the main page code which reduced some overhead.</li> <li> fix to stop pending payment inclusion in admin Totals.</li> <li> fix to stop Donor Group additions while payment pending.</li> <li> allowing donors to specify some &quot;other&quot; donation value is now optional.</li> <li> limiting a donation choice to only one value means you can run an event, competition or raffle with a set entry fee.</li> </ul>

21 Feb 2008 - Treasury v2.07 Released

This release contains a few more enhancements and a bug fix, but my main intent in this article is to focus on SMF Package Manager issues, in the hope that I will have fewer non-Treasury issues to deal with.<br /> <br /> The Treasury mod complies with SMF mod requirements, yet many people still have widely varied problems with install/uninstall:<br /> <ul> <li>mostly from people's failure to heed the install/uninstall warnings - the warnings are real and if ignored, will invariably lead to some problem with your site.</li> </ul> <div style="margin-left: 40px;">The SMF forums are littered with unnecessary topics resulting from failure to heed the Package Manager.<br /> </div> <ul> <li>sometimes side-effects from other mods which install incorrectly and destroy important SMF reference points</li> <li>windows servers (not much I can do to help there) <img alt="" src="/FCKeditor/editor/images/smiley/msn/sad_smile.gif" /><br /> </li> <li>hopefully none caused by Treasury</li> </ul> Consequently, even though beyond the scope required of a mod, I provide the following:<br /> <ul> <li>detailed un-install notes when you go to uninstall, also provided in the ReadMe file (or the <a href="index.php?page=8" style="font-weight: bold;">Treasury Guide</a>).<br /> </li> <li>the Dansoft <a href="PackageParser/index.php" style="font-weight: bold;">Package Parser</a> so that people can assess what is required for a manual install or un-install in the event that you are unfortunate enough to run into trouble.<br /> </li> </ul> Please click <span style="font-weight: bold;">Read More</span> to view the features of this release.

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21 Dec 2007 - Treasury 2.05 Released

With the advent of Treasury 2.05, the TinyPortal version has been withdrawn.<br /> <br /> Instead, TP users should simply install the SMF version and then follow the &quot;<a href="">Extra Info for TinyPortal Installations</a>&quot; topic.<br /> <br /> v2.05 handles PayPal IPN much better and is back to working in harmony with the Subscriptions mod.&nbsp; It will also handle refunds/reversals automatically.&nbsp; There are 2 key changes - IPN Auto Return must be set to <strong>On</strong> and the <strong>URL for return to site</strong> address has been changed - this should be changed by the install script but check in your Admin <strong>PayPal Config</strong> tab to ensure that it matches the indicated default value and change there if needed.<br /> <br /> It is also the approved version of the mod.<br /> <br /> There is also an SMF2 Beta version but it is only available through the SMF Charter Member forums, for now.<br /> <br /> The <a href=""><b>Treasury Guideline</b></a> provides a guide to the mod Read Me section.
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