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 #7 » Install error Treasury v2.22
 Date Open: Mar 22, 2008 14:52:39 Last Update: Jun 04, 2008 23:17:07 Bugger Off: Jun 04, 2008 23:17:07 
 Description: I get this error after installing:

Database Error
Unknown column 'group_id' in 'field list'
File: /home/fastsqua/public_html/forum/Packages/temp/install.php
Line: 320
 Request: Bug
 Application: Core
 Mod: SMF 2
 Version: beta3 public
 Solution: Due to a bug in the SMF db_create_table function - reported and supposedly fixed.

Until the next SMF release, add the field in smf_treas_donations,
group_id field is smallint, size 5, not null default 0.

Regrettably SMF 2 beta3.1 public failed to address this issue.
 Bugger From:SgtMic
 DiscussIt Forum: Treasury
 DiscussIt Topic: Install error Treasury v2.22
 Status: Done
 Priority Alert
 Topic Replies:
 Mar 21, 2008
hmm, I'm assuming SMF2 and v2.22

SMF 2 beta3 public?
Fresh install of both?

I'm not sure that it will fix that but I've fixed some more functions that SMF changed in the beta3 public version - download 2.22 again and see if that changes anything?
 Mar 21, 2008
SMF 2 beta3 and v2.22
I just downloaded v2.22 last night.

Both were installed onto current forum.

I could do a vanilla install and try it on that.
 Mar 21, 2008
Okay, but what was the "current" forum?

If "current" was 1.1.4 and Treasury > 2.05 then I can understand a problem occurring, as v2.22 simply doesn't cater for more advanced versions.
 Mar 21, 2008
The forum was 2.0 beta 2 upgraded from 1.1.4.
Treasury was the the 1st release for smf 2.0.
 Mar 21, 2008
Installed 2.22 on a vanilla install of 2.0 beta 3.

No errors at all. So that's not an issue.

 Mar 21, 2008
Looking at the forum database, I see these:



I remember seeing something in the bugger about smf_smf.
 Mar 21, 2008
The double smf prefix arises coz the SMF people made a significant change between beta 2.1 and beta 3, and that has since been addressed in the latest v2.22.

I'm not sure how you ended up with the missing group_id field, but the actual v2.22 there now is supposed to add any old missing field.

I would delete the smf_smf_ tables - they won't do anything, but just check your content in the smf_ tables is okay before doing that.
 Mar 21, 2008
Try as I may, I now believe that SMF 2 b3p has a bug - the db create function simply does not work as it is supposed to work, and does not "update" tables correctly for an extra field.

In fact it comes undone with the double prefix every time, which means they have screwed something in the code.

I've found the bug and the fix in their code and reported it, but it means there is no point in providing a Treasury release until the next SMF release.

In the interim, you could just add the group_id field to the smf_treas_donations table - it is smallint, size 5, not null default 0.
 Mar 22, 2008
I'll do it manually.
Hopefully SMF will get their part squared away. Soon.
 Mar 22, 2008
We'll just have to wait for the next release and hope like hell they don't change the db abstraction layer yet again coz I'm getting damned sick of trouble shooting it with each round of changes.

I could bypass it but I don't want to start adding little bits here and there to compensate for what should work out of the box :(

The good news is that, when you fix the offending SMF file, it works quite nicely :)
 Mar 22, 2008
Does the group_id field need to be anywhere specific in the table? Or just inserted at the end?
 Mar 22, 2008
Anywhere will do - it actually happens to be the last, but order doesn't matter since I allocate data updates to specific fields.

The field is actually for events but I already had it in place for another purpose and wasn't using it, so its name isn't strictly correct for its application.  When SMF eventually settles down, I'll rename it something more appropriate.
 Mar 22, 2008
Manually added the field and all is well.  :)

Just for reference, here was the error from the log:

Database Error: Unknown column 'group_id' in 'field list'

INSERT IGNORE INTO smf_treas_donations(id, user_id, business, txn_id, item_name, item_number, quantity, invoice, custom, tax, option_name1, option_seleczion1, option_name2, option_seleczion2, memo, payment_status, payment_date, txn_type, mc_gross, mc_fee, mc_currency, settle_amount, exchange_rate, first_name, last_name, address_street, address_city, address_state, address_zip, address_country, address_status, payer_email, payer_status, currency_symbol, group_id)
(1, 1, 'wildman@mail.com', '88P702274X5188615', 'Donation', '222', '', '', 'Resourcez', '', '', 'Yes', '', '', '', 'Completed', 1195406212, 'web_accept', '2.00', '0.36', 'USD', '2.00', '1.00', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '$', 0),
(2, 1, 'wildman@mail.com', '88P702274X5188616', 'Donation', '222', '', '', 'Resourcez', '', '', 'No', '', '', '', 'Completed', 1195406213, 'web_accept', '2.00', '0.36', 'USD', '2.00', '1.00', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '$', 0),
(3, 1, 'wildman@mail.com', '88P702274X5188617', 'Donation', '222', '', '', 'Resourcez', '', '', 'Yes', '', '', '', 'Completed', 1195406214, 'web_accept', '2.00', '0.36', 'USD', '2.00', '1.00', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '$', 0)
Apply Filter: Only show the errors from this file
File: /home/fastsqua/public_html/forum/Packages/temp/install.php
Line: 320
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