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 #48 » not recording totals
 Date Open: Nov 12, 2010 03:03:25 Last Update: Nov 13, 2010 10:28:02 Bugger Off: Nov 13, 2010 10:28:02 
 Description: I am running DP 1.08 with smf 2 rc3 and all was working fine till I changed the email address in the "PayPal recievers email" box. Its a good email address and is also listed in my paypal account but now when someone donates... it lists the donation in my paypal account, it shows up in the November Donations list.....but the "goal" status bar isnt moving and the "total reciepts" numbers are wrong.

Thank you very much for your assistance.
 Request: Upgrade
 Application: Block
 Mod: Donations Pro
 Version: 1.10
 Solution: Not a bug but will recode so that changing email address is no longer an issue.
 Bugger From:Turbenator
 DiscussIt Forum: Donations Pro
 DiscussIt Topic: not recording totals
 Status: Done
 Priority High
 Topic Replies:
 Nov 12, 2010
As you surmised, it is because you changed your paypal email address.

Given that this issue will always occasionally occur, I'll have to modify the  code so that I always have a reliable db field for the sql query.

In the interim, if you're comfortable with performing an sql query on your database, through phpmyadmin, you could run this query:

UPDATE smf_treas_donations SET business='new@email.com' WHERE business='old@email.com'

  • new@email.com = your new PayPal Receiver Email
  • old@email.com = your old PayPal Receiver Email
  • after substituting these 2 values preserve the query exactly as I provide it
  • the above assumes your database prefix is smf
 Nov 13, 2010
Awesome. Worked like a charm. Thanks for your assistance. I will make a small donation on behalf of our squad for your prompt support.
 Nov 13, 2010
Thank you kind sir :D

I've made the changes to eliminate this issue in future and will release sometime during the next week.
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