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 #38 » SQL error when adding donation through admin
 Date Open: Jun 25, 2009 18:17:07 Last Update: Jun 25, 2009 20:36:21 Bugger Off: Jun 25, 2009 20:36:21 
 Description: When adding donations via the admin page, I receive the following SQL error:

[code]Unknown column 'real_name' in 'where clause'
File: /home/euroharm/public_html/forum/Sources/DonationsProAdmin.php
Line: 119 [/code]

(DP 1.0.4/SMF 1.1.9)
 Request: Bug
 Application: Core
 Mod: DonationsPro
 Version: 1.0.4
 Solution: wrong field name for SMF1 version
 Bugger From:Murray.crane
 DiscussIt Forum: Donations Pro
 DiscussIt Topic: SQL error when adding donation through admin
 Status: Done
 Priority High
 Topic Replies:
 Jun 25, 2009
Just looking at the DB tables, if it's the users real name field from smf_members, in my install that field is "realName".  :)

(and looking at the previous error I received for further hints, the member name field is "memberName"...)
 Jun 25, 2009
Yes - it's a relic from the past when copying between the 2 SMF versions.

Same basis for the previous error where SMF2 uses db_prefix and SMF1 uses $db_prefix - silly oversight when translating between versions.

What makes this one even worse is that I then checked all the code for db prefix issues and never gave a thought to other SMF2 type issues like field names :(
 Jun 25, 2009
Glad I could help  :)
 Jun 25, 2009
Hopefully, fixed - download v1.04 again  :coffee
 Jun 25, 2009

Fixed. Close the bugger ticket if you haven't already.
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