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 #2 » Upgrade to SMF2 beta3.1 public
 Date Open: Dec 29, 2007 04:24:48 Last Update: May 06, 2008 23:47:33 Bugger Off: May 06, 2008 23:47:33 
 Description: Needs upgrading in preparation for the public beta release.
 Request: New
 Application: Mod
 Mod: Treasury
 Version: 2.23
 Solution: In progress - v2.22 fixed and released but still only equivalent to v2.06 for SMF 1.x

v2.23 now ready but SMF2 beta3.1 public still has an installer bug.
 Bugger From:Resourcez
 DiscussIt Forum: Development
 DiscussIt Topic: Upgrade to SMF2 beta3.1 public
 Status: Done
 Priority High
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