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 #16 » Donors not being added to group
 Date Open: May 10, 2008 23:01:34 Last Update: May 13, 2008 18:22:13 Bugger Off: May 13, 2008 18:14:36 
 Description: I have just had a member make a payment but they were not added to the member group which is set in the treasury.

During testing with the previous version of Treasury and SMF 1.1.4 this worked ok. I have since updated to the latest version of Treasury and SMF 1.1.5 and this is the first payment since the upgrade.
 Request: Bug
 Application: Mod
 Mod: Treasury
 Version: 2.10
 Solution: Eventually I have found the bug I introduced.
 Bugger From:Daggers
 DiscussIt Forum: Treasury
 DiscussIt Topic: Donors not being added to group
 Status: Done
 Priority High
 Topic Replies:
 May 11, 2008
Check "Add Anonymous to Groups" in Main Config - it is set to No by default.
 May 11, 2008
Check "Add Anonymous to Groups" in Main Config - it is set to No by default.

I had already changed that to Yes. In this instance the user had chose not to pay as anonymous

 May 11, 2008
Logically, if they choose to donate anonymously, they should remain anonymous in all respects, which includes not being added to a group.  That is why I set the default as No.

If you decide you want them added to a group, set it to Yes and it will, whether the user says yes or no, and provided the group exists.  Look at your log - the whole point of the log is to tell you what happened.
 May 12, 2008
Hmmm..... I will keep an eye on this for the next one

 May 12, 2008
You should already have a log of the last transaction telling you what Treasury did for that transaction regarding groups.
 May 12, 2008
Sassy is already a Donor group member - added to Group until 10-06-2008 01:54:16

Thing is, I had taken her out of this group while awaiting payment.
 May 12, 2008
You may have thought you did - obviously not at the time of payment.

Treasury directly checks the database for the presence of your nominated supporters group 'x' in Sassy's member details - clearly it found group 'x' already present in the "additionalGroups" field, so did not add Sassy again.  Result is that Sassy remains a member of that group 'x'.

 May 12, 2008
I'm sure I did .... 99.9%  :-\ because it wasnt that long ago when I did it.

Does it put the tick in the box within 'additional groups' ?

If it does then it definately wasnt there after the payment. I had to manually tick it

It it doesnt put the tick in the box then that may be where the problem lies
 May 12, 2008
I don't know what "tick in the box" you mean  :-\
 May 12, 2008
In the users Profile..

Account Related Settings

This is where you assign their Primary Membergroup underneath that is the Additional Groups.

The idea being, you assign somebody to a Primary membergroup which doesnt allow payment and as such they have limited access to the forums. Once they make a payment they are granted access to the specific group and a tick should appear against that group within the 'Additional Groups' option. When their payment expires the tick is taken away and also their permissions to that group.

I thought the previous version did this? I will have to go back and do some testing  :)

Just in case you mention it ..... I have tried the Subscription mod and had nothing but trouble with it   :(

Your mod is much much better  :D

 May 12, 2008
That area is one of several where you can manually change group membership.

They all do the same thing - append an entry to the additionalGroups field in the members table.  Treasury looks at that field for the specified supporter group and, if present, notes and logs that - if not present, and other conditions are met (group exists, use group), then it will add to that field and also log that.  Treasury simply cannot find a value that is not there.

The user must have had that supporter group present for it to record that in the log, or I am missing some serious logic issue.  The previous version worked the same - the only difference is that admin now has an option to suppress supporter group membership if the donor specifically requests anonymity.

Subscriptions is actually a very good mod and I can understand why there are some issues.  Treasury will eventually provide for recurring donations which will cover the subscriptions aspect, but I do expect that will introduce similar issues because PayPal subscriptions do operate differently.
 May 13, 2008
I like the principle of the Subscriptions mod and it was definately what I needed but unfortunately it did not work for me. Some users had no problems with it under 1.1.4 and I had no problems installing and testing but when it came to running it live I came across a number of problems.

I realise it will be included with SMF 2 but I wont put the beta version on a live database at the moment.

To be honest, the Treasury mod certainly meets my needs so I see no reason to change it  :D
 May 13, 2008
Oh well, egg on my face again  :oops

I have introduced a problem with v2.10 and you are quite correct - my apologies.  I shall release v2.11 shortly to correct the groups problem.

It's no excuse, but we maintain versions for different CMSs and it often leads to some inconsistencies, especially since they have different db abstraction layers.
 May 13, 2008
my apologies

Accepted  :)

You are doing a great job mate and I know I cant do what you do  :clap
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