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 #13 » Treasury broke on SMF 1.1.5
 Date Open: May 04, 2008 21:05:53 Last Update: May 06, 2008 00:41:11 Bugger Off: May 06, 2008 00:39:46 
 Description: Hey,
we recently updated to SMF 1.1.5 and TP 1.0.5. On update it didnt say nothing but the Box isnt showing anything and tresury was not working so I reinstalled it but an error message came with corrupt file.
 Request: Upgrade
 Application: Mod
 Mod: Treasury
 Version: 2.09
 Solution: Upgrade complete.
 Bugger From:Schnups
 DiscussIt Forum: Treasury
 DiscussIt Topic: Treasury broke on SMF 1.1.5
 Status: Done
 Priority High
 Topic Replies:
 May 04, 2008
I can't speak for TP 1.05 as I don't have it installed, and don't intend to any time soon but, since Treasury is now designed for SMF, I wouldn't expect problems with TP.  For that matter, the block should still work correctly.

It aint broke - the issue with SMF 1.1.5 is quite normal since the Treasury installer was only set for 1.1.4 - the corrupt warning frequently means there is a version mismatch.

I expect I will release an update in the next couple of days.
 May 06, 2008
Treasury v2.10 released - the installer is now modfied so that any future SMF 1.1.x versions will not affect Treasury installs.
 May 06, 2008
Nice.  :clap
 May 06, 2008
Hi ya ... back again  :oops

I have just uploaded the new version. Since installing 2.09 I have upgraded to smf 1.1.5
I dont have the option to uninstall 2.09 and neither is there the option to install 2.10.

Does this mean I have to manually uninstall 2.09? or can I simply overwrite the existing files with the files from 2.10?

Not a problem either way, just making sure  ;)

 May 06, 2008
Need to reinstall 1.1.4. Then uninstall Treasury.
Patch to 1.1.5, then install newest Treasury.
 May 07, 2008
Ok Thanks, I will look into this  :)
 May 08, 2008
All sorted now, many thanks SgtMic  ;) :)
 May 08, 2008
Glad you got it working.
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