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  # Status Priority Subject Mod Name Date Reported Debugger
FeatureView 1 Done High Develop a mod to handle requests Bugger 2007-12-29Resourcez Resourcez
FeatureView 58 Done Norm Any plans to offer quarterly goals Treasury 2012-04-17Lucifer Resourcez
BuggeredView 33 Done Norm Undefined Error Treasury 2009-01-23Marinesct Resourcez
FeatureView 15 Done Norm Custom inclusion in forum as a php include Treasury 2008-05-12Chriss_cohn Resourcez
FeatureView 14 Done Norm Provide PayPal entry screen in user language Treasury 2008-05-12Chriss_cohn Resourcez
FeatureView 11 Done Norm Amazon Amazon 2008-04-11Resourcez Resourcez
BuggeredView 10 Done Norm Mod version not retained Bugger 2008-03-28Nego Resourcez
FeatureView 35 Done Low Scaling Donations for DP DonationsPro 2009-01-29Symbul Resourcez
BuggeredView 8 Done Low Bug in registry section Treasury 2008-03-26Mass Resourcez
FeatureView 5 Done Low Anonymous & auto-grouping Treasury 2008-03-14Symbul Resourcez
BuggeredView 43 Done - Goal Month not updating DonationsPro 2010-03-03Wbrightfl Resourcez
DenyView 49 Deny High Error when using donation button Donations Pro 2010-11-12Joey791 Resourcez
DenyView 54 Deny Norm Treasury Is Being Blocked Treasury - SMF RC4 2011-01-23D3luX Resourcez
DenyView 46 Deny Norm Donation not registered Treasury 2010-06-17Gto3113 Resourcez
DenyView 37 Deny Norm DoPro ipn_entry critical errors DoPro 2009-03-03SgtMic Resourcez
FeatureView 27 Deny Norm DonationsPro Log function DonationsPro 2008-12-01SgtMic Resourcez
FeatureView 25 Deny Norm SMF 1.1.7 Fresh install and Treasury 2.31 Treasury 2008-11-10SgtMic Resourcez
DenyView 22 Deny Norm Default donation amount Treasury 2008-10-19Alistair Resourcez
DenyView 42 Deny - Donormeter - not showing cummulative value Treasury 2010-01-03LooseCannon Resourcez
DenyView 41 Deny - Unknown system variable 'lc_time_names' Treasury 2009-10-28Forg Resourcez
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