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  # Status Priority Subject Mod Name Date Reported Debugger
Alert-DoneView 7 Done Alert Install error Treasury v2.22 SMF 2 2008-03-22SgtMic Resourcez
Alert-DoneView 6 Done Alert Treasury v2.22 install failure Treasury 2008-03-20Resourcez Resourcez
BuggeredView 55 Done High Donations not recording in the registry Donations pro 2011-06-05Turbenator Resourcez
FeatureView 53 Done High month and date are in English donationspro MyBB 2011-01-02SC4T Resourcez
BuggeredView 52 Done High donationspro MyBB installation error donationspro MyBB 2011-01-02SC4T Resourcez
BuggeredView 51 Done High Testing IPN Donations Pro 2011-01-01Woody Resourcez
FeatureView 48 Done High not recording totals Donations Pro 2010-11-12Turbenator Resourcez
BuggeredView 47 Done High DonationsPro - PHP Portal Block SimplePortal 2010-07-30Wally07 Resourcez
FeatureView 45 Done High PHP5.3 / ZendOptimizer incompatible DonationsPro 2010-06-08Fruityclub Resourcez
BuggeredView 44 Done High DonationsPro V1.07 DonationsPro 2010-03-04Humbug Resourcez
BuggeredView 38 Done High SQL error when adding donation through admin DonationsPro 2009-06-25Murray.crane Resourcez
BuggeredView 36 Done High DoPro and recurring donations DoPro 2009-03-03SgtMic Resourcez
BuggeredView 34 Done High Parse Error TreasuryAdmin.php Treasury 2009-01-28G3X Resourcez
BuggeredView 20 Done High 2.12 displaying wrong version Treasury 2008-09-10Alistair Resourcez
FeatureView 17 Done High Recurring donations Treasury 2008-05-20Resourcez Resourcez
BuggeredView 16 Done High Donors not being added to group Treasury 2008-05-10Daggers Resourcez
FeatureView 13 Done High Treasury broke on SMF 1.1.5 Treasury 2008-05-04Schnups Resourcez
BuggeredView 12 Done High Quarterly display has zero goal Treasury 2008-05-02Thelic Resourcez
BuggeredView 9 Done High Donation block button disappears Donation Block 2008-03-28Resourcez Resourcez
FeatureView 2 Done High Upgrade to SMF2 beta3.1 public Treasury 2007-12-29Resourcez Resourcez
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